Feng Shui is a branch of Chinese Medicine and is Acupuncture for the home. It has the same roots in dealing with energy. Blocked or stagnant chi can cause fatigue and compromise the immune system causing health issues, and the same applies in your home or offices.

To find out what energy is trapped in the home, we analyze the year the home was

built and the exact degree it sits on the land. Each area of the home has specific

elemental number patterns that are calculated to identify where negative energy patterns can be affecting you. The information provided is very detailed and can shed light on patterns causing health and money issues among others.

A home with good Feng Shui feels in balance. Life flows smoother, easier and brings more peace. It raises the vibration by balancing the energy. It serves you and is set exactly in the best way for you and your family.

“Feng” means “wind” and “Shui” means “water”. In Chinese culture, gentle wind and

clear water have always been associated with good harvest and good health; thus

“Good Feng Shui” came to mean good livelihood and fortune, while “Bad Feng Shui”refers to hardship and misfortune. Your home is merely an outward reflection of what is happening on the inside.


1. Heaven Luck – the “horoscope” you were born with. Our destiny that we

cannot change

2. Human Luck – Your own responsibility & efforts to overcome obstacles in life

through positive ways of thinking.

3. Earth Luck – Feng Shui – the manipulating of Chi to improve your


THE GOAL OF FENG SHUI is to contain the right quality and quantity of Chi within

the home or office to improve the EARTH luck of its occupants.

You have the entire universe in your own home. It is the microcosm of the macrocosm. We will focus on creating a healing haven of comfort and support.  In intentional Feng Shui, the home is divided into 9 areas known as baguas, which each focus on a particular aspect of life. We focus on enhancing the 9 areas with elemental remedies, intentions, essential oils, crystals, and other Feng Shui principles to help call in your highest alignment. 

Change the energy in your home to change your life, today!


Angela Sabatasso created Homes and Harmony to unite the gap in the real estate and wellness industries. She believes "It's not just a home, it's a healthy environment" and uses the art and science of Feng Shui to create balance between her clients and their homes and land, enhancing life to one of alignment.