How to Turn Your Home into a Healing Haven

Updated: Dec 10, 2020


Give your home an instant spa-like feel by adding an indoor fountain. You can purchase one premade or create your own. All you need is a container and a small fountain pump. These can be found at your local gardening supply shop or online. Add rocks, statues, etc to make it uniquely your own and symbolic for you.

Sound Bowls, Chimes, Drums, etc. Sound moves energy in your home and in your body. Emotions are energy in motion, so sounds are very healing as well as the release of playing the instrument. Sounds at 432 hertz are healing.


*choose pure and potent oils, organic preferably

Use an oil diffuser to enjoy soothing scents for the soul:

Lavender- relaxing, anxiety relief, sleepy time

Patchouli- balancing, grounding

Peppermint- awake, alive, alert, enthusiastic

Rose- self-love, romance, soothing

Orange- refreshing

Ylang Ylang- balancing


Add texture and comfort

Remove all itchy fabrics from your wardrobe and home

Greet your feet with a cozy rug when you step out of bed, in lieu of cold wood or tile flooring

Have a plethora of robes, kimonos, house slippers, eye masks, pampering items

Bamboo Sheets are highly recommended


Himalayan Salt lamps

Kangen Water Machine- see our menu to order one today!


Decorate with organic materials; gemstones and crystals, fresh flowers and plants, cuddly animals :)