Updated: Jan 9

When I got my real estate license in 2011, I immediately noticed a huge gap in the industry. We shouldn't just be paying attention to the homes themselves. Are the environments healthy?

Is the land healthy? Is there healthy vegetation and fertile soil? What is the air quality like? Are there strong electromagnetic frequencies?

I remember the exact moment I got upset about this, I was near the high tension power lines near 190th in Hermosa. "It's not just a home! It's a healthy environment!"

This passion led me to places I didn't ever intend on landing, but the journey all makes sense now. Homes and Harmony is here to support you, wherever you and your home are, on your journey, as we navigate these unfamiliar waters, together, as a conscious community.

I am here to support you, and help you create a healing haven that will promote your mental and physical wellbeing.

Below is one of Strand Hill's blogs from the end of last year:

The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) began running Global Wellness Collaborations to

bring industry leaders together in meaningful dialogue to share ideas and best practices for navigating 2020 and beyond.

Guest speaker Veronica Schreibeis Smith of Vera Iconic Architecture shared these top 5 shifts she has seen this year.

Top 5 Shifts & how to implement

1. Human Health is Priority - move away from the "less harm” paradigm; intentionally designing elements to optimize biological function.

Implementation: Use natural home cleaning products, bedding and textiles. Focus on healthy lighting to complement circadian rhythm, and smart technology such as air purifying and monitoring systems to ensure cleaner indoor air.

2. Boost Immune System - know-how of environmental conditions that cause or reduce inflammation; integrate architectural features that improve hygiene and sanitation.

Implementation - Reduce exposure of indoor toxins, avoid synthetic fabrics, fragrances, and create a kitchen optimized for organic and clean cooking.

3. Empower Wellness Lifestyle Choices – implement nudge architecture to make the right choice the easy choice.

Implementation - Create technology-free zones in your home where electronics are not allowed. Optimize kitchen storage for fresh fruits and vegetables, try keeping healthy items on display for ease of access.

4. The Energy of the Space - grounding, literally & figuratively, to withstand dis-ease and busi-ness; integrating ancient wisdoms and honoring the “feel” of a space.