Feng Shui For Remodeling

Feng Shui takes into account many aspects of home design on both a physical and vibrational level. Functionality, sustainability, balance and flow are all taken into consideration.

When creating a new floorplan or remodeling an existing one, it is wise to consider the principles of Feng Shui prior to making costly investments. Used for thousands of years, Feng Shui ensures that a home's site selection, interior and exterior architecture, and floorplan are all conducive to circulating Chi and supporting the occupants to their highest level of being.

According to Classical Feng Shui, each year there are certain energetic number patterns present in the home and in some areas construction is not recommended as there are negative energies present in these sections that will be disrupted, bringing harmful energy. Following proper Feng Shui will ensure a smooth flow before, during, and after the remodel.

Sections of the home such as the kitchen are paramount for following Feng Shui design principles. The kitchen is associated with prosperity, nourishment, health, and being the heart of the home. It should be designed properly to harness full abundance, power, and health energies.

I look forward to helping you create an oasis that will support you, or if you are an investor or home seller, an oasis that will attract qualified buyers!