Feng Shui For Homeowners

Welcome to a transformative journey for you and your home. Intuitive art and practical science are used to raise the positive vibrations in a space, harmonizing the soul and home.


During our time together we will be enhancing your personal space, aligning with the rhythms of nature to support, nurture and invigorate your dreams and desires. To achieve the most out of consultation, you will complete a questionnaire that will give insight on the best way to support your internal and external goals. I will also need an accurate to scale floor plan of your home. You can provide one or one can be rendered for an additional fee, see below.

• Upon receiving your questionnaire, all occupants’ dates of birth are analyzed to work out their elements and best directions. When best directions are established, I will advise on best working (most productive), sleeping, and eating directions.

• Lot shape and form are analyzed
• The astrological pattern of the home is taken in order to balance the 5 elements to be more supportive for you and your family.
• Guidance on realigning the house so as to be a reflection of what you would like to create
• Support and guidance on clearing clutter
• Incorporation of Chinese Medicine theory
• Oracle Card reading
• Space/energy clearing ritual to release old energy and bring new, fresh energy in. Please note I ask all occupants, including pets, to step outside during this time. The Space Clearing will take about 1-2 hours depending on the size of the home.

You will receive:
• Formal Classical Feng Shui Report with divided floor plan showing where to place each Element Remedy
• Element Remedy Resource list
• Suggestions are made for furniture layout for optimum energy/Chi flow and suggest colors to ensure it supports you and the house
• Information on which gemstones and essential oils to use to enhance each area of the home and your life
• Complimentary 30 min. follow up phone consultation

NOTE: All Feng Shui Consultations are confidential and all information you provide will be held in the strictest of confidence. All closets, drawers, and topics discussed are kept private. Homes and Harmony Feng Shui serves as a reference and guide for Feng Shui; services and consultations are not intended as a substitute for the care of a licensed medical provider. Please keep in mind that individual results vary based on client interest and participation; no outcomes are guaranteed.

TIMEFRAME: All consultation times vary based on individual clients’ needs and the size of the home. Most consultations can be completed in 2-3 hours. You can also request a personalized proposal for preset pricing for larger homes.

RATES: Home Consultations are $250 per hour. Payment is due at the conclusion of your appointment. If you would like a preset package, please request one when you turn in your questionnaire and floorplan. Be sure you have provided the square footage of the home in order for me to accurately estimate how much time it will take.

FLOORPLAN: If you need an accurate to scale floor plan drawn, a separate visit is required for taking measurements and there is an additional fee for a third party to create one. Please inquire.


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