What Is My Element?

In Feng Shui, all homes, as well as people, have their own personal trigram which determines their element. In order to use this trigram to your advantage, you must understand your personal best directions so you can set your home up in a way that supports your highest level of being.

Your trigram is used to determine the directions, elements, colors, that will best support you, providing invaluable information such as:

• Your most auspicious direction
• Best direction to enter the home if you are the main bread winner
• Best direction to have your back face while working/studying for maximum productivity
• Best direction for your health and fortune; a good area to support you when experiencing health problems
• Best health direction for elders of the home
• Best direction to have your back facing while eating to improve digestion
• Best direction to have your headboard face for a good nights sleep
• Best direction to help with fertility

Find out your personal trigram below! You will receive your Personal Trigram report within 24 hours of payment.

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